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    • Eye of Ra

      VS-SI / Colour : F-GVS-SI / Colour : F-G

      An eye shaped centre, this bracelet is a stunning piece of art. Held in place by a silicon band together on both sides, Eye of Ra is easy to wear and easy to care for. [video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

    • Fa

      An unconventional design, for today’s modern women, this is a  pure piece of art. A strong design like Fa – The Goddesses of Destiny, speaks for itself, and doesn’t require any supporting pieces to complete the look. [video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

    • Flora

      The centre piece is designed keeping in mind the feel of fresh flowers in spring season. Additionally, the two diamond bands on either side smoothly merge in to one at the back creating an illusion of a broader ring. Flora is enough in itself and doesn’t require any supporting stacks…

    • Fortuna

      Diamonds arranged in a shape of a big diamond, make this ring stand out among your other pieces of jewelry. Fortuna is designed with a forethought of creativity along with comfort and style. You can wear it on occasions where you don’t want to accessorize a lot but still want…

    • Gabriel

      A quirky design is your best friend that promises to make your each day better just by existing. Simply slip Gabriel down your finger and you’d be occasion ready in no time. It’s such a brilliant piece of handcrafted art that you wouldn’t want to wait for an occasion, you’d…

    • Golden heart

      Because wearing your heart on your sleeve is too mainstream, here’s a Golden Heart for you to wear on your finger. This design is as cute as it gets. It’s easily manageable, it’s thin and most importantly it will add a little crispiness to your entire look.  

    • Halo

      With a stylish lock pattern around the diamond ring, Halo looks beyond gorgeous. You can stack it with a watch, or style with rings to turn all heads at a party. Alternatively, you can wear it individually on a daily basis and look extremely delicate and dazzling without too much…

    • Hamilton

      Hamilton is an enchanting combination of gold and diamonds. It is light in weight, fuss free and tastefully designed to suit all age groups.

    • Hera

      A ring is the most important piece of jewelry because your hands are your first point of contact when you meet another person. Keeping this is mind, Hera, a shape similar to that of peacock, is designed to add grace to your hands. Wear this along with a classic watch…

    • Hermione

      A deconstructed green flower, that gives an illusion of coming together when worn around the wrist, this a light accessory that can be adorned anytime without second thoughts. Hermione is subtlety at its best. [video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

    • Icicles

      A pair of dropping earrings, this one is a marvelous design that you can pair with your Indian or Western heavy outfits, and easily escape the weight of a neck piece. Icicle is enough individually and helps you keep your style quotient in check. [video width="560" height="560" mp4=""][/video]

    • Isabella

      A heart shaped natural yellow diamonds, enclosed within a bigger heart of white natural diamonds, Isabella is an exemplary pair. The two layers of Marquise around the yellow diamond add a lot more finesse and charm to this design.

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